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introduce yourself to others

PostPosted: Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:47 am
by walkaboutjoe
HI ! another Australian.........I'm Joe,
I have different uses for my landyachts, quite possibly the only person world wide who uses a wind powered cart to go walkabout along rural roads, myself within Australia.
Most of my cart/landyacht can be viewed on the Seabreeze landyacht forums.
Being an older sailer [64] who due to skeletal deterioration [cervical spine collapse , 2 total shoulder replacements} can no longer move as needed in a boating situation, I have taken up land based sail assisted walking. It works for me. I am not competitive, just co-operative
I have no support team and carry all that's needed to survive, Food, cooking, bedding, tools. water etc. I have solar panels for 12volt power, refrigerator, lighting, radio [entertainment}, UHF[communication], shower.
I enjoy the historic uses for landyachts world wide and the building of for needed solutions.
My present yacht is the 3rd rebuild of my second creation and has traveled around 3000 kms. I fit no particular class or type. I am open to most anything except, people, who wish to impose their doctrine/slant on others.
My employment background covers many fields, engineering, mapping, exploration, tourism, machine operating and trucking. I believe in having a go, sharing, your dead a long time.