Class 5 wheel alignment

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Class 5 wheel alignment

Postby blake52 » Wed Nov 04, 2015 1:56 am

I have heard repeatedly that in class 5, wheel alignment is critically important, and after watching the European class 5 guys fly past me like I was parked (I was actually going about 90kph) at the worlds I feel like I am clearly doing something really wrong. So alignment is where I'm starting. I have never heard any agreement on the toe in (or out) alignment. For Camber, 15 degrees seems common. Because the wheels are cambered it seems like they would need to be toed out a bit to compensate for the camber trying to turn them toward centerline. At this point I have given up on the physics and just want to know what works for others. I am almost always running on a hard surface. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
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