FISLY Landyacht Pilots

For each class and per country, you can find the pilots with their sailnumber and club.
In case of assigned international pilot registration number, it will be published.

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Insurance Requirements

It will be the responsibility for every landsailing pilot to arrange a Third Party Liability Insurance to cover damage (body and property).
Each pilot has to be able to show a confirmation of cover as requested by international FISLY regatta organisers.

The insurance has to ….

Why do you need a FISLY ID :

A FISLY ID is a personal indentification linked to a sailnumber :

How to get a FISLY ID – how to use it

Pilot applications are not processed on an individual basis. Only once per month, the national organisations are asked to confirm the insurance, license and competence of their pilots. As soon your national federation has approved your application, your FISLY ID will be published. It has no sense to fill in the pilotform again to speed up publication.
Also email requests are not very helpful, since this is an additional burden on the few volunteers who do this activity in their free time.
Do not wait to register for a FISLY ID till you have to register for an international race. Better practice is to initiate your registration already from the beginning of the year. Best practice is to opt for a subscription payment. This way, your ID is automatically renewed annually and you also do not have to fill in a pilot form as long as your data have not changed.