The FISLY rules

The International Sailing and Racing Rules

Version: European Championships 2019, Terschelling (Netherlands), valid from 01/06/2019:

  • I.S.R.R. (pdf 1,65MB): "International Sailing and Racing Rules"

List of appendices

1Yacht identification AIdentification of the yacht and advertising on the sail
BNational identification letter
2Class specifications AClass 2
B1,B2,B3Class 3 & 3R
C, C2Class 5 & Class 5 Promo
DClass 7
EClass Standart
FClass 8
GClass Mini Yacht
3Sail measurement A1Sail measurement Class 2 & 3
A2Sail measurement Class 5 & Promo
B2Measurement form
4Protest form
5Records ASpeed
6Regulations forEuropean and World Championships
7start Class 7 and 8
8Racing rulesClass 7
9Class 8
10Mono type Classes